Welcome to ZombieNation

We’re a friendly PVE server with active staff (Jim, Lummeltje, Lucia, SilentVoid, BolderRox, Bloop, Dio, & iPiD) and friendly community. We also have a full time Developer / Admin (DocValerian), bringing you plugins found nowhere else.

How to join us.

Use F1 -> client.connect

Search modded servers for "Zombie Nation PvE | Zombie Hunting | Raids | NO pay2win | Custom Plugins"

Server Info:


  • We are a friendly PVE server for everyone looking for FUN, relaxation, escape from stress, creativity, entertainment, challenges, ...!

  • We value cooperation and communication both between players, as well as between staff and community.

  • We do not want any money from our players or from running this server, we do this for fun! We strive to create the best custom PVE Rust experience possible and are dedicated to bring you new things, unique plugins, optimize things and listen to your ideas.

  • We respect everyone but we protect our players and our spirit from those who seek to disturb them.


  • Unique Zombies in many shapes

    • Zombie Hunting game mode (hunt zombies around the map for loot and high scores)

    • Zombies around Monuments

    • Hardcore private Zombies (3 difficulties) attacking your base for best loot and high scores

  • Unique Virtual Quarries for maximum efficiency and 0 lag

  • Unique Virtual super Furnace UI with lots of upgrades

  • Unique Custom Helis (4 levels of difficulty) that only attack your team

  • Unique Custom Bradleys (4 levels of difficulty & fight from your base!) that only attack your team

  • Heli / Bradley queue system (no more fighting over who is next)

  • Daily Playtime rewards

  • Raidable Bases across the map with 1 PVP base for fights

  • Custom /loot system to prevent your loot from being stolen

  • Uniqe Turret commander system to to team/clan auth and reloading

  • Personal, protected mini copters, Boats & RHIBs (directry from Airwolf)

  • 10 Day wipe cycles with PvP for the last 24 hours of each wipe. Make sure you're ready!!

  • UI panels for Home, player and warp TPs

  • Player Skins so you can skin your weapons and clothing (Full UI of available skins from Rust Workshop)

  • Instant Crafting

  • Personal /day buying option

  • Option to use /getmystuff to return your corpse loot from all over the map

  • Personal Base Elevators for Veterans

  • Personal Home Recyclers for everyone

  • Fishing

  • Boxes locked

  • Corpse lock

  • Uniqe instant Supply Drops (locked to owner)

  • VIP & Veteran Status based on how long you play the server. 20 Hours for VIP and 50 for Veteran

  • No durability on tools and weapons for veterans

  • Instant, unlimited TPs for VIPs & Veterans

  • Extended Mags

  • Higher chainsaw fuel levels

  • Locked hackable crates (stops sneaky players stealing the loot, you have stood waiting for)

  • ...many more things

  • ALSO: we only have RP as a trade object between players and for convenience features. All activities (helis etc.) are FREE!


and all this for free. All we asked is that you play 20 hours to earn VIP and 50 hours for Veteran. Each forced wipe, we reset these stats so everyone starts fresh. You will keep your stats through the whole month.


  • Some swearing is permitted but please respect all players!

  • Don't spam the chat.

  • Racism will result in a permanent BAN!

  • English in main chat please. You can use private messaging friends in any language you like.

  • Building around monuments is against the rules and all structures will be destroyed.

  • Trolls will be kicked

  • detailed rules ingame via /info

Server Specification

Fully Dedicated (not vps server)


i9900k 5.0 GHz Turbo


2 x 1000GB M2 NVMe drives

1GB port