Donations / Store

Players who donate get to keep there VIP / Veteran status locked for 120 days (4 months) and some RP as a thank you. We are not here to make money like some other servers. We have donations, purely to support the server monthly running costs as well as bringing fresh new plugins.

Each month we donate 20% of all donations to Cancer research UK; we want to give something back, who else does this?!
To date, our players have helped raise £1,901.61 towards Cancer Research UK!!

Vip Features

- Special VIP Kit
- use /agrade (upgrade all) and /repairall
- Daily personal Horse/Boat
- No /tp wait time
- 5 /home locations

Veteran Features

- All VIP features +
- Special Veteran Kit
- Daily personal Minicopter & RHIB
- No Item/Weapon Durability (stuff never breaks)
- /z
hunt rec (autorecycle items from autoloot at 100% efficiency)
- /makepole (make a fishing pole out of a spear)

These Features are identical for both TIME and Donation VIP and VETERAN Gold VIP and Veteran get an additional Item-Kit.