Staff Application

Want to be a staff member?

Please fill out the form on the right if you are interested in becoming staff on the Zombie Nation PvE server. Please be honest and give a good answer to all questions. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will become a staff member though. If you are accepted, you will be contacted by our Staff via in game or Discord.

For your hours played, please check under “Most time played”, “View more” at the following link.

Criteria you must meet to become a staff member

Fully fluent in English

Cannot take part in PVP event

Must have at least 100 hours play time on the server

Preferably solo player i.e. Not in a clan

You will receive a [ZN Staff] tag in game / discord as well as all the perks you would expect. Recruits will rank up to higher staff levels when we think you are ready.